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We give our Providers the platform to grow revenue, reduce costs and improve the types of services and value you deliver to your clients. As a Sitehands provider, we see success as a mutual goal – your success in generating new business as a Sitehands partner is our priority. You are our front line of the service frontier and you are the endpoint that enables the starting point. You are the guardians of the infrastructure. Let’s grow together. Join us today.

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why sitehands?

grow revenue

Expand current accounts and drive new revenue by gaining access to jobs that are right in your company’s sweet spot.

expand client base

Leverage Sitehands to grow your company with minimal risk. Through our platform, you gain access to our global network of highly skilled and vetted delivery partners, enabling you to deliver more services to your existing clients.

improve utilization

Maximize operating efficiencies by keeping your technicians fully utilized each day.

sitehands technician app

Our partner app makes it easier than ever to leverage our IT field service marketplace to protect and grow your business.

how we stack up

we own the outcome

Understanding the outcome every client is trying to achieve and positioning our techs to successfully deliver end-to-end.

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manage clients at scale

Providing techs with the ability to cut across multiple clients using one process and payment schedule.

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matches the make sense

Matching field technicians with the right jobs according to their associated skills set, ensuring the right tech is doing the right task.

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partnership to build your business

Leading technicians to additional revenue and business opportunities with training at Sitehands University, sharing the knowledge, tools, and support to succeed.

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hometown heroes

We are the community that unifies technicians in work, in collaboration, in production and in spirit. We have a profound mission!

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Find the answers to commonly asked Provider questions.

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  • Can Sitehands help me grow my business?

    Yes, Sitehands simply provides additional customers and jobs to your existing customer base.

  • How do I become a provider?

    To join the Sitehands Community of Providers, enroll via our portal and a Sitehands member will be in touch with you soon to share more details about our Partner program.

  • How does Sitehands benefit local communities?

    We are helping local communities flourish by providing our local Providers with jobs in their communities. We believe in empowering local businesses and giving them the tools and technology they need to succeed.

  • What are the benefits of partnering with Sitehands?

    Improve utilization, grow revenue and expand your client base.

  • Will I still stay in control of my business?

    Yes, Sitehands’ Providers learn that we don’t compete with them, we compliment them. We are opening up more job opportunities for our Partners globally.

let’s grow together

Join the Sitehands community today.

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