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why Sitehands On Demand?

Sitehands has created the world’s first on demand service for IT Field Services. With a global network of 20,000+ vetted and certified technicians, Sitehands On Demand is built to serve your everyday unplanned and short-term IT needs. Now, any time you need a technician, in any location, to perform an IT Field Services task, Sitehands delivers.

always on

Need to fix something? Move something? Assess something? Or install something? We are always on and ready to deliver, 24/7/365.

save time & money

Our standardized catalog of services and real-time market pricing ensures quality IT field service support, immediately.

quality outcomes guaranteed

Our 24/7/365 Service Operations Center (SOC) manages the technician’s work from start to finish, directly on the Sitehands platform, ensuring quality IT field service support. Guaranteed.

global reach.
rapid response.


With Sitehands On Demand, we are prepared to respond globally to all IT emergencies and quick services alike. You’re in our hands from the beginning to the end. Our technicians won’t stop working until you receive the best quality outcomes. Expect transparent pricing, quality service and ownership of every transaction. Receive on demand IT field services and the outcomes you expect.

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quality technicians

• Deeply vetted, certified & trained
• From your community
• Rated to ensure the highest level of quality IT field service support
• Monitored throughout the entire lifecycle of a service request

…and ready to deliver quality outcomes now.

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Find the answers to commonly asked Sitehands IT Field Services questions.

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  • Are your technicians available 24/7/365 days a year?

    Yes, we are available at all times, every day of the year.

  • How do I request services?

    Enroll for services directly on the Sitehands platform to get started right away, or request additional information from our world class team at: sales@sitehands.com.

  • What is Sitehands OnDemand?

    If you need a technician to perform an IT field services task, Sitehands delivers. Using the Sitehands website, and soon the Sitehands OnDemand mobile app, any person, from any company, can purchase IT field services without a long-term contract needed.  We don’t lock you in, we just provide quality IT field service to your doorstep, whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Will I know the cost before I pay?

    Yes, we believe in transparent and real-time pricing. You will always know the cost of services before you submit a request.


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